Main Reasons Why Choose Us


As a specialty expertise company in respect of engineering services, we carry out any mechanical design and engineering of all the products we manufacture together with the engineers we employ, and the scientists and academicians and environment experts whom we collaborate with. The design and engineering services we have provided to the public agencies and private entities in the local market and abroad are as follows;
Fundamental and Comprehensive Engineering Services for Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Works,

Numerous turnkey projects; design, engineering and inspection of mechanical works,

Design and analysis services in respect of components of any wind turbine up to the capacity of 3MW such as tower, gear box, nacelle, brakes-couplings, electronic control systems and foundation anchorage.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and sensitive strength and load calculations,

Low engineering and manufacturing costs thanks to optimum design and analysis.


SoyutWind offers turnkey solutions in respect of turbines from a capacity of 3kW up to 2000 kW. In this regard, we offer reliable and quality services throughout all engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning in any WPP project.
The scope of such services includes:
Design and manufacturing of wind turbine having a capacity which is compatible with the project

Static and electrical designing

Preparations for foundation concrete and energy transmission lines

Logistics and transportation coordination

Installation works


Commissioning and acceptance procedures


We ensure that the project approval procedures are finalized accurately and rapidly through reporting of plot selection, wind data and site studies in order to achieve the highest performance in terms of energy production.
We offer the following within the scope of such service:
Technical feasibility of project

Computation of project investment cost and economic aspects

Financing options and concessions

Official approval of project and application filing procedures


You may obtain information as to the wind potential through wind data instead of making an investment of measurement staff in any region that you may have an interest in identifying the sites suitable for WPP investments.
With the help of our consultancy service, we may provide you with the wind data of the site you are interested in and offer alternative plots of land by making investigations in respect of site.
We offer you the data relating to the following by means of comprehensible report based upon our studies that we have conducted;
Selection of plot and topography

Micro deployment

Wind velocity/capacity factor analysis

Distance to the energy transmission lines

Distance to residential areas and transportation


As being a hundred percent domestic wind turbine manufacturer, you may always rely upon our knowledge and expertise in respect of maximum performance of our system.
Remote monitoring, maintenance-repair and potential failure response information may be accessed through a single source with the help of a detailed reporting.We prevent potential failures thanks to on-the-spot and swift response of our specialized teams and perform periodical maintenance of turbines in the most rapid and reliable manner.
With our fast, effective and instantaneous response capability, we can ensure that your investments are trouble-free and long lasting.
We offer the following within the scope of such service:
Remote monitoring and control of SCADA System

Data analysis and optimization

Production reporting

Periodical maintenance and repairs


The financial analysis of any of your wind power plant (WPP) investments having being technically analyzed is carried out by our experienced team in Soyut Energy. We inform the WPP investors by providing them with any domestic and international financing alternatives and other methods of partnership-financing options like venture capital.
For the purpose of carrying any investment into existence, we raise funding by conducting common studies with banks and financial institutions for and on behalf of WPP investors.