• Based on 100% domestic manufacturing and eligible for concession at the rate of 50%.
  • The electricity sales price is U.S.$ 0.11.
  • There is no difficulty with spare parts as all spare parts can be supplied from within Turkey.
  • It has TSE certified certificate, product certificate and service certificates.
  • Emergency responses can be given in no later than 48 hours.
  • Domestic turbine manufactures are always ready to assume the operation of any turbine. Moreover, they also undertake to perform maintenance-servicing of the turbines.
  • It assumes the operation, servicing and maintenance of turbines without charging any fixed cost during the warranty period (it may extend the warranty period for the investment return period, e.g. 5 years) in return for such services and provide securities and counter guarantees for such turbines. It may render services by having a certain percentage out of the sales of the electricity to be produced in the turbines.
  • It has technical service, maintenance and repair teams.
  • It has lengthy warranty periods.
  • The economic life of the turbines is at least 25 years. Such duration may extend in case of regular periodical maintenance and servicing.
  • The design of the blades is made suitable for circumstances prevailing in Turkey as they are manufactured to conform to the natural wind profile existing in Turkey and they are large in size compared to imported blades.
  • The tower height of the turbines is taller.
  • The turbines are more efficient due to larger blades and towers, and produce more electricity.