We employ computer aided design/CAD and computer aided manufacturing/CAD methods in our production facilities. Initially, the fixed and moving components of the wind turbines are modelled on a 3-dimensional medium in order to test metal fatigue and conduct stress analyses. Thus, the problems that may be encountered during manufacturing may be sorted out in a computerized medium prior to manufacturing and material, labor and time is saved in such manner.The blades are modelled through special software that we have developed and optimum blade details are decided upon through testing made with the help of virtual wind simulations. Such simulations are applied when the blades are operated at full load together with any and all static and dynamic forces exerting upon the turbine. All loads corresponding to foundation concrete and foundation anchorage are calculated and applied on foundation design.

The wind turbine components prepared in a computerized medium are produced in CNC systems. Such manner minimizes the human errors and any revision made in the design department may easily be reflected in the production department and the production is performed in a desired precision.