• The 50% incentive for 100% domestic production can be utilized.
  • There is no shortage of spare parts as all components are sourced domestically.
  • We have TSE-approved type certification, product certification, and service documents.
  • Emergency response can be provided within 48 hours at the latest.
  • Domestic turbine manufacturers are ready to take over the operation of the turbines. They also commit to performing maintenance and service for the turbines.
  • As a counterpart to these services and to provide warranty and uptime guarantee for the turbines, the manufacturers can take over the operation, service, and maintenance of the turbines throughout the warranty period without charging any fixed fees. They can cover the costs of all services by taking a certain percentage share from the electricity sales revenue generated by the turbine. The warranty period can be extended up to the investment payback period, for example, 5 years.
  • Technical service, maintenance, and repair teams are available.
  • The warranty periods are long.
  • The economic life of the turbines is at least 25 years. If regular maintenance and servicing are performed, this period can be extended.
  • The design of the blades is tailored to the wind profile in Turkey, and they are larger compared to imported turbines. This ensures better performance and efficiency in capturing the available wind resources in the Turkish context.
  • The tower heights of the turbines are higher.
  • The turbines have higher efficiency due to their larger blades and towers, resulting in higher electricity generation.